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Healthy Eating

Posted by Healthy Life Style Friday, April 15, 2011

Most of us aware of benefits of healthy eating and want to have such schedule that they can have healthy diet to keep themselves fit, smart and healthy physically and mentally. It is hard to do justice with eating schedule in this busy life and people cannot consider that what ways they should adopt as best eating habits. Here we will discuss some points that you can consider as best and healthy eating habits and these can develop your body and mental growth.

Chewing Food

Taking some time to your meal is most important as your stomach sends message to your brain that it is fill before 20 minutes. If you slowly chew your food, you will eat less and frequent amount of food.

Eating More Food

In case of loosing weight you need to eat well. It is amazing that starving is not solution of loosing weight. Your metabolism slows down when it does not receive required amount of nutrition. Fewer calories and fat will burn if you don’t eat enough food. You should focus on eating small meals with regular intervals. You should eat to your satisfaction keeping in mind the point mentioned above.

Eating Less Red Meat

Eating less red meat is beneficial to you in case of high cholesterol. You can use fish or chicken to meet with your meaty requirements. Fish has organic substances that can include vitamin A, C and E to adequate amount in your body. You should use baked, grilled and roasted meat rather than fried as it does nothing except increasing fat in your body.

Eating Grain Food

Grain food is much better for providing you required proteins and carbohydrates. Grain food is also a big source of providing you fibers that are essential for physical and intellectual growth.

Add Onion and Garlic

Onions and garlic are most important in cooking food and it should be added in the food all the time. Onion is very helpful in decreasing blood pressure and garlic is used to decrease cholesterol level in your body. Eating clove of garlic with empty stomach is much better for you.

Eating Calcium-rich Food

You must focus on eating food enriched with calcium like skimmed milk. You should drink 1 or 2 glasses of milk per day. Other calcium enriched food items include almonds, red kidney beans and mustard greens etc.

Using Less Salt

If you have problem of high blood pressure, it is better for you to use less amount of salt in cooking. Salt is a big source of water retention.

Eating Iron-rich Food

Food that you can eat to increase amount of iron in your body include green vegetables like spinach, green beans, beets ad broccoli. Fruits like watermelon and pomegranate can increase iron in your body and these food is also better for liver.

Replacing Flour to whole grains

You must lessen the amount of flour and maida in your food and include grain food items like brown rice, whole wheat and soya breeds etc.

Feeling the Flavors

Eating well is not enough if you don’t feel the flavor of food. Tasting and enjoying the food in real sense will give you satisfaction and you will feel better.
All the ways that you can adopt as best and healthy eating are mentioned above and they can change your life style and eating habits in better way to have a healthy body and soul.


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