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How To Clean and Brush Your Teeth

Posted by Healthy Life Style Saturday, April 16, 2011

A modern history of tooth brushing: Brushing teeth is no simple process any more. As science and dentistry have progressed, much has been learnt about the bad consequences of earlier tooth brushing practices, with the result that many of us today are now considered to be brushing our teeth the wrong way, even though it was the way we were taught to brush our teeth as children.
One way we were taught to brush our teeth was to use a hard tooth brush, so that the bristles would get in between the teeth and get rid of plaque quicker from the teeth as well.

The other common practice we were taught about tooth brushing was to use long, horizontal brushing strokes - the back and forth strokes across the teeth; like using a saw.
Well, science and dentistry and time have shown these common tooth brushing practices may benefit our teeth in the short term, but such tooth brushing also does drastic damage to the teeth:

The long hard horizontal strokes of the tooth brushing acts like a saw against the teeth, so the teeth may look fine in a mirror, but as they fall out or intense pain sets in, we find out out from a dentist that a groove has been worn through the base of the teeth, compromising the teeth. The dentist will then likely advise you to use desensitizing tooth paste, soft tooth brushes, gentle tooth brushing and a different way of brushing. Essentially though, your teeth were badly damaged by trying to clean them the wrong way by today's dental standards.


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