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How To Use Eye Drops

Posted by Healthy Life Style Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's actually quite easy to use eye drops, but many people don't know how.
Just follow these basic steps:
  • Tilt back your head, so the drops will stay in your eye.
  • Gently tug or pull out the lower eyelid near your nose to form a well.
  • Keep your eye open.
  • Hold the bottle far enough away from your eye that it doesn't touch, and then squeeze.
  • Shut your eye for a moment, then blink several times to distribute the eye drop.
  • Follow these same steps for eye ointments, and don't let the tip of the tube touch any part of your eye.

If artificial tears don't help in relieving your dry eyes, make an appointment with an eye doctor (ophthalmologist or optometrist). He or she may be able to offer another treatment for your dry eyes.
  If you're going to gamble, don't do it with your eyes!...Good Luck...

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